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All Booked Up

The key to multiple appointment bookings is the consultation before the first haircut. This concept scenario-based eLearning experience allows hair stylists to practice asking the right questions that lead to a smooth cutting experience and end with highly satisfied clients who eagerly make subsequent appointments.

By putting stylists in a risk-free, yet authentic consultation experience, they can be well-prepared for their real-world client consultations.

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Tornado Safety Training

Nurses in a skilled-nursing facility must be prepared for any number of unexpected disaster situations. This concept training module focuses on tornado safety. The project includes a full introduction and menu for a comprehensive disaster training course, but only the tornado section of the "Safety During Different Types of Disasters" module is functional in this demo.

Users are placed in a realistic tornado situation and have to make the correct choice at two decision points of what would be many in a complete build of the project.

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Tennis Racket Selector

Choosing a high-performance tennis racket can be intimidating. The high number of specs to consider, combined with the many brands and their unique racket technologies combine to create a seemingly endless number of options to choose from.

This tool aims to make the process simple. Users answer a few short questions, one at a time, and are presented a curated list of rackets from the most well-known brands that fit their skill level and style of play.

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